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Skoda hostel doing deals on wheels

27 September 2012
27 Sep 2012 - , ,

During the boom more hotels were built than we now know what to do with. It’s a tough environment for many hotels as tourists spend less and expect more, but wouldn’t it be a further kick in the teeth for the industry if a new zero-frills type of accommodation were to catch on in this country?

The Skoda Fabia Hostel in Izmailovo Park in Moscow has been open for business this week offering free accommodation if booked through Tripping.com.

This accommodation (for up to two people) comes with bed linen and towels, a personal care kit, a parking space, wireless internet, air conditioning and parking. However, no pets are allowed. Skoda is granting reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The catch? The “hostel” is actually a Skoda car and, according to a spokesperson from Tripping.com, it isn’t drastically different from other cars.

“The back seat doesnt turn into bunk beds or anything like that,” she says, adding “Its a comfortable place to spend the night. Its also pretty unique; as far as we know, weve never heard of cars being opened as hostels before.”

And, in case you are wondering, the toilet is located nearby.