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Casa Gracia wins STAY WYSE Green Initiative Award

01 October 2013
1 Oct 2013 -

Casa Gracia has been awarded the STAY WYSE Green Initiative Award 2013 at the Industry Awards of this year’s World Youth & Student Travel Conference in Sydney, Australia.

Through the Green Initiative Award, STAY WYSE recognizes the organisation that has made the greatest effort in reducing their environmental impact and included sustainable travel as an integral part of their operating practices throughout 2013.

In 2013 Casa Gracia took steps forward in designing and implementing a Green Initiative, which includes Energy, Environmental and Green policies.

Casa Gracia 2013Every month green campaigns are organised for Casa Gracia guests, personnel and collaborators, some of which are directly related to Green initiatives, such as:

  • “Plant a Tree”
  • “Flowers Have Rights”
  • “Recycle your bottles”

The winner was selected by the STAY WYSE board from a shortlist of seven organisations.

The remaining six shortlisted organisations were:

This was the third year the Green Initiative Award was awarded.

Last year, the prize went to Habitat HQ.