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eZee and Gomio.com team up: seamless tech integration for hostels

11 March 2015
11 Mar 2015 -

eZee Technosys, a leading hospitality solution provider to over 4000 properties around the globe have completed integration with Gomio.com.

Source: Whatech.com

Source: Whatech.com

Gomio is one of the most prominent online hostel booking portal for backpackers and budget travelers around the world to book from more than 6000 youth hostels and budget accommodation associated with the portal.

Gomio provides online distribution platform for hostels and budget accommodation at a minimal commission rate. As a result of the new collaboration between eZee Centrix and Gomio, eZee’s existing clients will be able to take advantage of the exceptional platform offered by Gomio.com.

The new interface will allow hostel owners and budget accommodation providers linked with eZee to enjoy 2-way XML connectivity with the booking site. In addition, the new robust connection will allow the hostel owners to easily manage Availability, Inventory, and Rates across the channel in real time.

In addition, the seamless flow of data between the travel website and hostels will further enhance the consumer experience. It will let hostel owners to tap into trends adapted by budget travelers and backpackers resulting in higher booking conversion rate and increase of revenue.

“The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, keeping up with that we are glad to offer Gomio to our hostel clients for a superior online distribution. The goal is to provide our hostel clients greater visibility and higher contingency for booking conversion.” said Hitesh Patel, CEO of eZee Technosys Pvt Ltd.

The channel connection is now accessible to all hostels and budget accommodation providers currently with eZee Technosys. eZee Centrix combined with prospering platform of Gomio.com will give hostel owners a great opportunity to expand their online presence and manage the inventory accurately.

Enroll with eZee Technosys and start benefiting from the new incorporation today!
About eZee Technosys:
eZee Technosys is one of the few hospitality solutions providers in the world offering a complete suite of IT solutions for the hospitality industry. Offering solutions that cover hotel management, online room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback and mobile applications.

Formed in 2005, eZee Technosys today serves more than 4000 clients in 140 plus countries across the globe.

About eZee Centrix:
eZee Centrix is a web-based channel management system that enables hoteliers to manage their rates and inventories on various travel websites (OTA) and GDS channels. eZee Centrix increases competence, saves time, and raise profits by streaming a hotel booking channel management system in one set.

About Gomio.com:
Gomio is a social connection website and online booking portal based in Barcelona and New York. They offer a wide range of services to both hostels and travelers, providing unparalleled choice and excellent value to all facets of the growing backpacker industry.

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Source: Whatech