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27 May 2015
27 May 2015 -

The Ancillary Revenues survey is now live!Ancillary revenues button

Do you know what your competitors are selling to their guests?

Do you know what methods are proving most effective in selling ancillary products or services to travellers?

This second survey in the STAY WYSE Industry Flash Survey Series is intended to find this out!

This 5 minute Ancillary Revenue survey asks questions about ancillary revenue streams among youth travel accommodation (YTA) businesses. It is intended to shed light on what is being sold, the most effective sales methods, and identify potential commission opportunities. The aim is to help YTAs identify and boost potential revenue sources.

The Ancillary Revenues report will be made available to those who submit a completed survey.

The survey will close on 12 June.  All answers will be treated confidentially, and will only be reported in aggregate terms. Data will not be identified or attributed to respondents for any reason.

Have questions about our research? Contact us at staywyse@wysetc.org



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