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YHA Investment sees an 8.1 per cent growth in accommodation income

08 June 2015
8 Jun 2015 -

Youth hostel charity YHA has increased its income by 6 per cent year-on-year after spending £31m on revamping and marketing its accommodation.YHA logo

The charity’s latest accounts reveal that income was £48m in the year to February 2015, up by £2.8m on the previous year.

YHA said it had 8.1 per cent growth in accommodation income, twice as much as it budgeted for.

The charity said the revenue figures are its best ever for the charity and are attributed to a £31m capital investment programme and marketing campaign.

But expenditure also rose by £2.8m over the year – from £43.9m in 2014 to £46.7m in 2015. Much of the additional expenditure was a result of increasing costs of running youth hostels – an increase of £2.6m from the previous year.

Rachel Ramsay, head of marketing at YHA (England and Wales), said: “We’re delighted with the trading results but more so with our successful re-engagement with young people as well as introducing new people to the YHA brand.

“The capital investment programme at YHA has left the network virtually unrecognisable.”Key to dispelling myths about Youth Hostels is getting people through the door to see how fantastic they are.
“The campaigns have all centred on driving footfall to YHAs and this has resulted in new members and repeat visits which are reflected in the ongoing figures we are experiencing.

“It’s a tremendous boost for the organisation and something we are all very proud of.”

Source: Emile Corfe, CivilSociety.co.uk