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Crowdfunding for youth hostels projects

10 June 2015
10 Jun 2015 -

Travel StarterTravelStarter helps tourism businesses raise funds for their next project, with projects as diverse as upgrades to hostels, restoration of historic boats, the opening of eco-spas, building refurbishments and local tour guide concepts.

The company is currently looking to expand its portfolio of projects within the youth accommodation sector, eager to replicate the success of the Safehouse Hostel project in Wales with other hostels.

The Safehouse Hostel raised over $13,000 through the crowd funding platform, the amount it required to help the operators highlight some building features in their heritage listed property, and ultimately open the doors to their new hostel.

Crowd funding is not a new concept in itself, but the TravelStarter startup is specifically designed for the tourism industry. Launched in 2014, the company has already witnessed both the demand and support within the tourism industry for travel related projects.

“We [were] so happy to have reached 100% on our campaign. With the money we’ve raised through TravelStarter we [were able to] finish the building to a higher quality and restore some of its original features, like another marble fireplace [we] discovered under layers of paint.” Daniel Wimpelberg, Safehouse Hostel, Cardiff.

TravelStarter, a member of WYSE Travel Confederation,  is now actively looking for projects with accommodation providers to help them raise funds for their expansion plans, upgrades, new facilities or even the opening of a brand new establishment. The service involves project assessment, support throughout the fundraising life-cycle, education and consultation to help the project succeed and achieve its financial goals.

If you have a project or an idea you wish to pursue for your accommodation establishment, and need some extra funding to help you get it off the ground, then TravelStarter want to hear from you! Contact TravelStarter at info@travelstarter.com