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STAY WYSE Introduces a Certification System for Members

14 July 2015
14 Jul 2015 -
STAY WYSE logo blueSTAY WYSE have introduced a certification standard for STAY WYSE Members.

A core objective of the STAY WYSE association is a desire to promote and encourage the development of safe travel accommodation for young people across the world.

The introduction of a certification system that can be applied globally is a key means of recognising and showcasing those establishments who are achieving the STAY WYSE objective.

“The STAY in STAY WYSE stands for Safe Travel Accommodation for Youth. The availability of safe accommodation for young travellers and students across the world is something that lies at the very heart of the STAY WYSE mission.” said Philip Houghton, Chairman of the STAY WYSE Board.

“We aim to promote and encourage best practice in safety, for guests as well as employees working in the industry. As a Board we decided that it was time to set a clear minimum standard among the STAY WYSE community, to promote STAY WYSE properties within the industry and among consumers as being safe place for young people to stay, while also offering something for other operators to aspire to.”

The certification has been designed to take account of variations in local laws and regulations,  while still imposing a minimum standard that guests and industry trading partners can expect irrespective of the ultimate location.

The certification covers off matters from fire safety and alcohol service, to health and hygiene and adequate employee training. Certified establishments are also required hold a Guest Charter that prioritises guest safety.

For language schools, volunteer programs, travel agents, or other organisations looking for accommodation trading partners, the STAY WYSE certification offers a valuable marker of quality, a sign of the calibre and professionalism of the property.

For independent guests, the STAY WYSE certification offers a reassurance that the bed they have chosen to sleep in is safe. Certified establishments will be provided with property door stickers that offer links to a consumer webpage with details about what guests can expect from the property.

All STAY WYSE members have been requested to complete the certification, and certification will become part of the application process for STAY WYSE membership.

A copy of the certification requirements can be viewed here. A copy of the STAY WYSE guest charter requirements can be found here.

Any enquiries about the certification process or the Guest Charter should be sent through to staywyse@wysetc.org.