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Hans Brinker Lisbon encourages guests to bring a lightsaber to Lisbon

30 July 2015
30 Jul 2015 -

The marketing campaign for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is one that may often raise may an eyebrow. It’s unapologetic, untraditional and… very effective.

Effective enough for them to open the doors to their second establishment, far away from the canals of Amsterdam, on the sunnier shores of Lisbon, Portugal.

Engaging a professional communications company, Kesselkramer, the launch communications are in keeping with the Hans Brinker tradition of a no-nonsense no-effort style.

The snazzy new website boasts of great special offers, such as “filling the room with Traditional Portuguese Air for no extra charge”, and otherwise striving to maintain the “same below sea-level standards as the original Hans Brinker, Amsterdam. Same crap, more sunshine.”

With less furniture to offer “more room for group hugs and floor wrestling”, and state-of-the-art wallpaper designed to make guests “feel like the walls are about to attack [you]”, the property is otherwise offering 150 beds in a range of room configurations, with WiFi throughout, a luggage room, 24-hour check in and a roof terrace.

The site provides handy information for guests with tips on the essential packing items, including a fake moustache, a lightsaber, a list of pick-up lines and an app that can translate them, “comfortable shoes (ladies from Britain, this one is for you)” and “that weird hand cleansing jelly (can also be used to clean other body parts)” among the standard affair.

STAY WYSE congratulates Hans Brinker on their new opening and wishes them success. STAY WYSE wishes the guests and local residents luck – may the force be with you.

For the official press communications by Kesselkramer, read on:

For forty five years, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam has remained the same. The same level of service, the same lack of attention to detail, the same brutally honest attitude. But times are changing. A new world needs a new type of hotel. Responding to the demands of literally one or two people, the Hans Brinker has taken the first steps in establishing a global empire by founding a new Hans Brinker in Lisbon.

And it is radically different!
Oh wait, no it’s not.

Rather, the Hans Brinker Hostel Lisbon preserves the Hans Brinker Amsterdam’s strongest selling points: dormitories, beer, unhelpful receptionists and surly porters made by KesselsKramer. In fact, key points of differentiation is limited to the staff’s sexier accents and nicer tans, and an increased chance of sunburn.

In this way, the new pan-continental Brinker group remains true to its core brand values of (dis)service and (never) going the extra mile. Besides a poster campaign we [Kesslekramer] developed the new website and ‘corporate identity’ for the hotel chain.


Check out Hans Brinker Lisbon here and Hans Brinker Amsterdam here.