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Promoting STAY WYSE establishments: Take part and get your new Self-Certification Sticker

17 August 2016
17 Aug 2016 -

At the heart of STAY WYSE is a desire to promote and encourage the development of safe travel accommodation for young people across the world. STAY WYSE considers that those establishments who provide quality and safe accommodation deserve better promotion and recognition within the industry and among consumers. To help achieve this goal, we developed a self-certification system that provides global recognition for all STAY WYSE Members. staywyse-sticker-sample

Members providing accommodation who self-certify will be sent front door stickers to enable them to communicate this endorsement to end consumers. The certification checklist covers off a range of matters from fire safety to alcohol service, to health and hygiene and adequate employee training. The checklist asks questions relating to laws and regulations, and company policies. The standards have been designed to accommodate variations in local laws and regulations while still imposing a set of requirements for all operators irrespective of location. This way they demonstrate across the world that they adhere to a minimum set of standards concerning guest and employee safety. The main goal of this project is to identify and promote those members who are committed to upholding the STAY WYSE objective of promoting safe accommodation for young people.

What is the added value of the STAY WYSE Certificate?

  • For the industry, it becomes a marker of quality, a reassurance for potential or existing trading partners about the calibre and professionalism of a property.
  • For consumers, it will be a clear sign that the property is considered by the industry as being a safe place to stay, a promise that certain minimum standards will adhere to.
  • Use of the STAY WYSE logo currently signals that a property believes in and endorses the STAY WYSE objectives. With the introduction of the certification, the STAY WYSE logo will be given additional value.
  • Certification strengthens the STAY WYSE brand and reputation and in turn provides certified members with a valuable industry endorsement.

How do I take part?

Click on the “Complete certification” button below to complete the self-certification checklist. Please ensure someone with the appropriate seniority in your organisation completes the checklist. On successful completion of the self-certification, members will be sent a STAY WYSE Certified Member sticker for their property entrance doors.

The sticker contains a QR code that links to a page on the STAY WYSE website that has been specifically prepared for consumers, to enable them to understand the importance and significance of the certification. All STAY WYSE members are asked to complete the self-certification requirements by midnight on 30 September 2016. 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the new certification system, please get in contact with us at staywyse@wysetc.org