As an independent hostel taking the first steps in the travel industry, Anda Venice Hostels sees the everchanging needs of a young and fast-moving generation of travellers as a major challenge. To provide an extra value experience which goes beyond a simple night’s sleep in a dorm is one such point they decided to work on.

With Venice on everybody’s bucket list, it was initially surprising to uncover that it lacked budget friendly, yet quality accommodation for youth travellers and backpackers. For ANDA, the idea to come up with something special in providing the best possible accommodation experience to young travellers in Venice soon became their mission.

“We embarked on this journey two and half years ago and, coming from a hotel background, it was a stimulating new challenge for our team. We learned our way through the backpacking and youth travel industry. We slept in hostels like real backpackers as we wanted to get their lifestyle ‘under our skin’ and get to know this unique and one of a kind industry.” said Hostel Manager, Giulia Fogarollo.

Anda Venice is a purposely built hostel. The design of the building is unique: from the external 8-floor high murals by local Artist, Peeta, to the vintage and industrial vibes of the interiors and all the design details making the environment inspiring and vibrant. As Giulia Fogarollo remarked, “We are probably the very first 100% Italian, independent large hostel bringing to Italy that international flair you could already find in other international hostels.”

The hostel has developed into a place where international travellers can get a unique chance to mingle with local millennials and vice versa. While providing high quality accommodation, they also want to become a point of reference for local artists, bands and non-profit associations who might find in their hostel the right environment to develop ideas and projects, creating extra value and special vibes for those demanding travellers who are looking for more than just a cool design hostel.

“At Anda Venice you can breathe a “Glocal” atmosphere: it’s located in a local neighbourhood which is going through a phase of urban regeneration. Our hostel is fully part of this process. We feel extremely local and determined to activate as many interactions as we can with the city of Venice Mestre and the surrounding social, cultural and economic environment. We don’t want to be a box filled with beds but be instead open to the city around us. We believe this explosive “glocal” dimension can create added value to the thousand interactions we will witness every day at our hostel, turning a simple hostel stay into an immersive travel and life experience. “ said Hostel Manager, Giulia Fogarollo.

Since its opening, Anda Venice has already brought benefits to the local quarter. The ownership, management and staff are local, ideally positioned to share the real Venice downtown and Venice Mestre. Anda Venice Hostel believes that eventually this could be an example of how urban regeneration can also pass through the extra value generated by local business, with deep roots in the surrounding environments.

About Anda Venice Hostel

Initially coming from a hotel background, Anda Venice Hostel became a member of WYSE Travel Confederation to deepen their knowledge of the hostel and backpacking industries. “It was a great way to get to know our fellow hostel operators, exchange feedback and points of view, and liaise with some major operators looking for accommodation providers in Venice.” said Hostel Manager, Giulia Fogarollo. Having opened two months ago, Anda Venice Hostel is a place to meet young people who are not willing to settle for less. ANDA is a house open to the world, designed for those who give the maximum value to sharing and experience. They have lively, vibrant areas. Conceived, designed and built for travellers to enjoy a unique and engaging experience.

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