Hostel Operators

Why should I as an accommodation provider attend this conference?

The key benefits of attendance are:

  1. Ability to schedule business appointments with organisations that can send more guests your way.
  2. Educational sessions specifically designed to help you grow your business. We will discuss relationships with Online Travel Agents (OTAs), other potential booking sources that you can consider, and we will take a look at the changing consumer needs.
  3. Network with your fellow hostel operators, buyers and suppliers.
  4. Visit new and existing hostels in Amsterdam.

Business Appointments

As an accommodation provider you can arrange to meet with a variety of different businesses. The choice is yours to meet with buyers (organisations that send youth travellers abroad), suppliers who offer services to accommodation operators, bloggers and other hostel operators.

  • Meeting with buyers: If you are an accommodation provider (hostel, student accommodation, budget hotel, etc) and you wish to meet with businesses who can send you more customers, you can do this through the business appointment system. The conference will have its own online scheduler whereby you can search for organisations that send youth travellers and groups of youth travellers to your destination, and arrange an appointment with them to see whether they would like to send youth travellers to your hostel or accommodation. The scheduler then automatically schedules a business appointment slot for you both.
  • Meeting with suppliers: If you are interested to see what the latest innovations and offers are in terms of suppliers, such as beds, technology, webdesign, etc – just search for the service providers on the online business appointment schedule and arrange a meeting with them.
  • Meeting with hostel operators: sometimes it’s great to get the chance to sit down with a fellow operator to discuss best practices, experiences and see how you can potentially work closer together.

Read more about how the business appointment system works here.

STAY WYSE Conference packages — Pricing For 2017


Type Regular Price
WYSE Member Accommodation Provider € 399
Non-WYSE Member Accommodation Provider € 499
All Buyer – hosted Hosted
All Buyer – not hosted € 349
WYSE Other (supplier, investor, attraction, tourist board, etc.) € 899
Non-WYSE Member Other (supplier, investor, attraction, tourist board, etc.) € 1,099
All Blogger Enquire

Exhibitor packages

Limited exhibition space will be available and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis:

Booth type Member of WYSE Travel Confederation rate Non-member of WYSE Travel Confederation rate
Shell scheme booth 4 sqm (2m wide x 2m deep = 4m2) EUR 999 EUR 1,199
Shell scheme booth 6 sqm (3m wide x 2m deep = 6m2) EUR 1,199 EUR 1,599
Shell scheme booth 8 sqm (4m wide x 2m deep = 8m2) EUR 1,599 EUR 1,899

Reserving your exhibitor package

Booths include: signage, 1 table, 2 chairs (4m2 booth) or 4 chairs (6m2 & 8m2 booths), power socket, waste basket and literature rack. Extra furniture can be ordered.
Accommodation Provider: You are a hostel, a budget hotel, a student accommodation provider.

What registration type am I?

  • Supplier: You supply the accommodation providers with items such as beds, insurance, lockers, technology, marketing.
  • Blogger: You are a blogger who blogs specifically about hostels.
  • Buyer: You are an Online Travel Agent, a tour operator, a wholesaler, a travel agent, a group travel provider.

What is a WYSE member?

These are organisations that have opted to become recognized members of the global youth & student travel industry body (WYSE Travel Confederation) and the sector association representing youth travel accommodation (STAY WYSE). As part of their annual membership these organisations receive a range of benefits such as access to event discounts, industry research, use of the WYSE logos, access to networking and much more.

Is my organisation a member?

To be a WYSE Travel Confederation member your organisation will have had to applied for membership, met the requirements and paid the annual membership fee. To check if your organisation is a member please see our membership list here.

How do I become a member?

To become a recognized member of WYSE Travel Confederation and to access the benefits that come with it, please complete the following membership application form.