If you do not have your login details, contact the WYSE Travel Confederation membership team on +31 (0)20 421 2800 or email membership@wysetc.org.


The priorities for the STAY WYSE Association are to:

  • Create a strong profile and representative force that will encompass the needs of all youth and student accommodation service providers.
  • Provide PR and marketing to increase and strengthen the profile of the youth travel and student accommodation industry.
  • Offer members access to market and industry intelligence, statistics and analysis.
  • Provide networking and trading opportunities for members.
  • Maintain a guide to best practice on safety for youth travel & student accommodation providers
  • Facilitating best practice on safety
  • Undertake lobbying and representative activities to encourage the    development of youth travel & student accommodation services in countries  around the world.
  • Work in a consultative relationship with established youth accommodation  organisations.


“STAY WYSE is the first industry association to represent the entire global youth accommodation sector including Hostelworld, Hostelbookers and Hostelling International, the rapidly expanding private sector and the independent not-for-profit sector. Our role is to represent the sector to local and national tourist boards, government and city authorities, highlighting the importance of youth accommodation to local and national economies”.

Peter Anwyl, International Students House, UK


Benefits for Youth Travel Accommodation Professionals:

  • A global network of trading partners across the youth and student travel industry.
  • Access to accurate and reliable industry intelligence and market research.
  • High profile representation of the STAY WYSE community at travel industry events worldwide.
  • Networking opportunities at annual industry events such as the World Youth & Student Travel Conference.
  • Best practice guidelines and sharing of leading industry practices.
  • Lobbying of tourism boards and government officials industry to raise recognition and develop opportunities for this sector in countries around the world.
  • Professional development seminars that support member’s ability to learn from each other and operate to high professional standards.
  • Raising the global profile of member organisations with a listing in the annual WYSE Travel Confederation Member Directory and on the STAY WYSE website.
  • Use of the STAY WYSE logo, a trusted global brand.
  • Annual membership of the World Youth, Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation which provides direct access to a global community of 550+ member organisations providing travel experiences to 10 million youth and students.