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Resilience and recovery of the youth and student travel market

The youth and student travel market has a track record of resilience during periods of crisis. The market’s willingness to take advantage of unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for personal development during times of economic, political or socio-cultural turbulence has always been one of its tendencies and strengths.

Things have changed for most travellers due to the global COVID-19 health crisis, but for young travellers there have been significant barriers to international educational travel, cultural immersion and exchange programmes and overseas volunteering. These travel barriers have had an impact on how young people view opportunities for education, career and self-development. Destinations that do not understand the multi-fold value of the youth and student travel market are ignoring opportunities in this market segment. In turn, leaving opportunities by the wayside impedes the ability of travel and tourism businesses to recover amidst the current labour shortage.

During this panel discussion we make the case for understanding the international youth and student travel market as one of critical importance for destinations and employers in tourism, hospitality and related sectors.

Moderator & Panellists

David Chapman

Director General
WYSE Travel Confederation

Russ Hedge


Vicki Cunningham


Wendi Aylward

Managing Director
AIFS Australia

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