Keyless mobile access – Are you ready?

Friday, 26 January 2018 – 15:05 – 15: 25


What is one of the first things a guest wants when arriving at your hostel? Have access to the room as fast and as easy as possible!  With FLEXIPASS we have solved this. FLEXIPASS is the world’s fastest and easiest way for your guests to access their room via smartphone. With just two easy steps guests gain direct access. 1) Download the FLEXIPASS APP and 2) Enter CODE and access room. That’s it. Using FLEXIPASS is easier than using an ATM. Our award-winning solution increases efficiency, reduces waiting lines at reception, and saves on keycards.

Patrick Lomsdalen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer,  FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access

Patrick Lomsdalen invented FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access. He comes from the access control industry and has gained key knowledge in lock systems and key handling. Patrick has an international background and strategic networks. He has lived in multiple European countries, speaks five languages and has worked with multinational companies. In 2014, when Starwood started implementing keyless mobile access in over 60,000 hotel rooms, Patrick noticed a major challenge and started developing an innovative solution.   


FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access is the leader in developing keyless mobile access solutions for hotels, hostels, serviced apartments and offices. FLEXIPASS is the certified ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Partner.