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STAY WYSE Certification

STAY WYSE seeks to promote and guarantee safe accommodation, whether it is in a hostel for young travellers or a student residence facility.

The promotion of a safe environment within a communal accommodation facility for young people lies at the very core of the STAY WYSE mission.

As a brand, the STAY WYSE logo is a mark of quality and a sign of adherence to the STAY WYSE objectives.

Use of the STAY WYSE logo sends a message to the consumer, as well as to industry counterparts, that the establishment satisfies certain safety standards and upholds fundamental STAY WYSE values.

To promote those establishments who adhere to STAY WYSE values, while also ensuring and protecting the integrity of the STAY WYSE logo, STAY WYSE have now introduced a certification system.

The Certification 

STAY WYSE have introduced a certification for STAY WYSE membership*. The certification is directed at ensuring guest safety, as well as the safety of the establishments employees.

The certification covers off a range of matters from fire safety to alcohol service, to health and hygiene and adequate employee training. The certification becomes a standard to which all members of the STAY WYSE community subscribe.

All existing STAY WYSE members who provide accommodation are asked to complete the certification. The certification will also form part of the STAY WYSE membership application process for all new members who provide accommodation.

A copy of the certification requirements can be viewed here.

The Guest Charter

STAY WYSE members providing accommodation are required to hold a Guest Charter. A copy of the STAY WYSE guest charter requirements can be found here.

Any enquiries about the Certification process or the Guest Charter should be sent through to staywyse@wysetc.org.

* The Certification system is designed and intended for existing and prospective STAY WYSE members who directly provide accommodation. National Associations, Affiliate or Associate Members, Booking Engines and National Tourism Organisations are not required to take the Certification and cannot achieve STAY WYSE Certification.