About STAY WYSE 2022

What to expect at STAY WYSE Amsterdam & Online


We are looking forward to the 2022 edition of STAY WYSE Amsterdam. Due to ongoing uncertainty around travel restrictions, STAY WYSE will be a hybrid event, with the choice to attend in-person in Amsterdam or participate online. Keep reading for more information on the event format.


What is a hybrid event?
A hybrid event combines the onsite experience of an in-person conference with the possibility to take part online, allowing delegates the choice to attend how they wish.

How will business appointments and educational sessions work at STAY WYSE?
Whether you join us in Amsterdam or online, you will be able to schedule business appointments across the two days and attend all the educational seminars.
To ensure a seamless meeting experience, we will use Marcom Ace in combination with Zoom. Approximately four weeks prior to the conference, registered delegates will receive login details for Marcom ACE and will be able to schedule business appointments until the end of the conference.

Can I meet with delegates online if I join in-person and vice versa?
Yes. There are three ways to meet each other:

  1. When in-person delegates schedule a business appointment with each other, they can meet face-to-face at the event. When scheduling a business appointment in Marcom Ace a table number will be assigned.
  2. When an in-person delegate schedules a business appointment with an online delegate (or the other way around) a Zoom meeting will be created in Marcom Ace. The in-person delegates can sit in a specifically designated area in the conference venue or in the comfort of their own hotel room. In both situations, please bring your own device and headsets. The online delegate can join the Zoom meeting from anywhere in the world.
  3. When online delegates schedule a business appointment with each other a Zoom meeting will be created in Marcom Ace. The Zoom meeting can be joined from anywhere.

Do in-person and online delegates get the same benefits?
Whether you join us in-person or online, you will be able to access all educational seminars and schedule business appointment with delegates around the world. Both in-person and online delegates will have access to the educational sessions via Marcom Ace for four weeks following the event.

What precautions are being taken to ensure the in-person event can be delivered safely?
The health and safety of our delegates is our primary concern and we are taking regular advice from the WHO and the national and local public health authorities in the Netherlands to ensure that our event conforms to the latest health guidance. We also commit to the following:

  • Business appointment tables, booths, seminar room coffee breaks and lunch area will be setup according to social distancing guidelines
  • Guidance provided to all delegates on social distancing and infection control best practices
  • All delegates will be asked to bring face masks to be worn in public spaces
  • Optional rapid tests will be available
  • Travel-approved PCR tests (in English) will be available at the hotel for return travel

How many delegates should I expect?
We have 150 spots available in Amsterdam, and unlimited places online.

Why attend the in-person event?
For many, the social aspect of attending a conference is an important factor. While Marcom Ace allows us to deliver a seamless online event, the experience of exploring a city and meeting in the evening with industry peers is one that is often better in-person.

What happens if I have registered to join the in-person event but I cannot attend?
If an in-person participant cannot attend due to travel restrictions or other reasons, we will switch the attendance up to 14 days prior to the conference to take part online instead, without the need to reschedule business appointments (this may depend on your time zone). The difference between the prevailing rates at the time of booking will be refunded.

What happens if the in-person part of the event cannot take place?
We will follow the latest advice provided by local health authorities and will only allow the in-person aspects of STAY WYSE to take place if it is safe to do so. In the event that local authorities restrict in-person networking, all business appointments and educational sessions will be online via Marcom ACE. Those who have registered for the in-person event in Amsterdam will receive a refund of the difference between the prevailing rates at the time of booking.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this event, please contact us.


Please note that WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to deliver this event in an online only format should guidance from local health authorities change.