The STAY WYSE Conference has been designed to be as affordable as possible for all types and sizes of businesses involved in the provision of youth travel accommodation. In particular we have kept the fees for accommodation providers as low as possible as we wish to encourage the smaller businesses to be able to benefit from this trading event by growing their number of booking sources.

Fees are orientative and subject to change.


STAY WYSE Conference fees 2023


Category Type Rates
WYSE Member Accommodation Provider € 399
Non-WYSE Member Accommodation Provider € 499
WYSE Member Other (supplier, investor, attraction, tourist board, etc.) € 899
Non-WYSE Member Other (supplier, investor, attraction, tourist board, etc.) € 1,299

Please note that all prices exclude VAT.

Buyer fees

Category Type Rates
Buyer Hosted € 89
Buyer Not hosted € 499

Please note that all prices exclude VAT.

Exhibition booths

Exhibition booths serve as a great place to hold meetings, as well as ensuring that your brand is visible in the trade hall. Please note that there are a limited number of booths available and STAY WYSE sponsors have priority. If you would like to know more about sponsorship options, please click here.

The cost of a booth is in addition to the registration fee and will be billed separately.


Booth type Member of WYSE Travel Confederation Non-member of WYSE Travel Confederation
Exhibition booth 4 sqm (2m wide x 2m deep) € 1,299 € 1,599
Exhibition booth 6 sqm (3m wide x 2m deep) € 1,499 € 1,799
Exhibition booth 8 sqm (4m wide x 2m deep) € 1,699 € 1,999

Floor Space only: Please contact us via to discuss the options.

Exhibition booths include fascia board with company name, tables and chairs, power socket, spotlight, literature rack and bin*.

*Printing of booth panels and additional furniture can be ordered through our booth supplier.

Please note that all prices exclude VAT where applicable.

If you are interested in having your own booth, you can book this at the time of registering, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Useful questions & answers:

What registration type am I?

  • Accommodation Provider: You are a hostel, a budget hotel, a student accommodation provider.
  • Other: You supply the accommodation providers with items such as beds, insurance, lockers, technology, marketing, tours.
  • Buyer: You are an Online Travel Agent, a tour operator, a wholesaler, a travel agent, a group travel provider.

What is a WYSE Travel Confederation member?

These are organisations that have opted to become members of the global youth & student travel industry body, WYSE Travel Confederation. As part of their annual membership. members receive a range of benefits such discounts to events, access to exclusive industry research, B2B trading opportunities year-round and much more.

Is my organisation a member?

WYSE Travel Confederation members have applied for membership, met the requirements and paid the annual membership fee. To check if your organisation is a member please see our membership list here.

How do I become a member?

To become a member of WYSE Travel Confederation and to access the benefits that come with it, please complete the following membership application form.