If you are looking to build awareness of your brand in this market, it doesn’t get better than the STAY WYSE Conference. Drive traffic to your booth and/or business appointments and maximise the impact of the essential global youth industry event on your business, we have a sponsorship package for you. Below you can find the Sponsorship Packages that are available for 2019. If you are interested in finding out more about the opportunities please email staywyse@wysetc.org.

Platinum Sponsorship – EUR 17,000

             2018 Sponsors


The Lanyard sponsor will have their company logo printed on the lanyard worn by all event attendees. This sponsorship opportunity is limited to one qualified applicant and is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Buyer Accommodation

Showcase your brand’s hospitality by sponsoring rooms for Hosted Buyers. Multiple hostels can take this sponsorship.

Business Appointments

Gain strategic exposure at the business highlight of the conference by sponsoring our business appointment sessions – with a thousand business appointments taking place throughout the event, your brand won’t go unnoticed.

Welcome Reception

Gain maximum visibility by branding our opening event. Your business will be in the spotlight from the launch of the STAY WYSE programme, increasing your brand exposure.

Gold Sponsorship – EUR 12,000

Buyer Boat Tour

Showcase the beautiful city of Amsterdam to the STAY WYSE Conference delegates from your boats.

Networking Reception

Brand the popular networking event, which will bring all the delegates together to see existing colleagues and friends and make new ones. Business is done at the bar, as well as the appointments.


As the exclusive sponsor of our opening or closing keynotes, your organisation can enjoy great publicity during the keynotes of the STAY WYSE Conference.

Silver Sponsorship – EUR 7,500


Fuel the event and enjoy powerful visibility by branding and theming the conference lunch.


Be one of the first business names delegates see when they arrive to the conference. This sponsorship puts your brand in the front entry hall, which will be utilised by every delegate.


What better way to promote your organisation than with your logo and website on the volunteer T-shirts throughout the event.


Every delegate will use the WIFI. Every delegate will type your name.


Ensure your brand is one of the first that delegates, exhibitors and VIPs see by sponsoring our registration desk.

Trade hall banners

Ensure your brand can’t be missed in the STAY WYSE trade hall with a row of hanging banners.

Coffee Breaks

There are 3 individual coffee breaks available to sponsor, one on the first afternoon, one in the morning of the second day and one in the afternoon of the second day. Your logo will appear on this essential caffeine fix.

Bronze Sponsorship – EUR 3,000

Conference Bags

Enjoy direct exposure to your target market with your logo placed strategically on the conference bag that each conference attendee receives. This sponsorship can be shared between two organisations.

Bag Inserts

Do you have a memory stick packed full of your promotional information, pens or post-it notes to giveaway? Or a targeted flyer or brochure you would like the delegates to see?

Blue Sponsorship – EUR 1,000


Would you like to see your logo listed on all sponsorship material and communications? If so this option is the one for you.

*Limited exhibition space will be available. Reserve your booth for 2019 by pre-registering here.

2019 STAY WYSE Conference Benefits Platinum EUR 17,000 Gold EUR 12,000 Silver EUR 7,500 Bronze EUR 3,000 Blue EUR 1,000
Spotlight your business (35-word sales message) in one pre-conference e-newsletter (distributed to 40,000+ industry professionals) Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A
Free Conference registration Four People Three People Two People One Person N/A
Exhibition booth 9m2 booth 6m2 booth 6m2 booth 4m2 booth Dedicated table with logo on tablecloth
Your Company name and link on the Marcom ACE website, accessed by all attendees Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Your logo and link in all e-newsletters sent regularly to 40,000+ industry professionals Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Your logo and link on the STAY WYSE website Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
One marketing piece included in the Conference Bag, issued to every delegate Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Your logo listed as a sponsor on signage at the conference Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Listed as a Sponsor in the WYSE Words Newsletters Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Listed on staywyse.org Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes