Werksviertel, Munich

STAY WYSE 2024 will take place at the Werksviertel, Munich. The Werksviertel is an industrial, up-and-coming city district with various spaces that encourage creativity, social commitment and sustainability.

Located at Munich’s Ostbahnhof, the Werksviertel’s mix of converted industrial buildings (originally the site of Pfanni’s potato production plant) and numerous architecturally striking new buildings create a metropolitan area that is unique in Munich. Even today, the vibrancy of the former factories can still be felt. The past lives on and will continue to influence the district in the future. Old and new combine to make a unique district of the future: the Werksviertel München.

At the Werksviertel, you can find offices, art galleries, concert rooms, workshops and studios, bars and restaurants, shops and hotels and leisure centres, combining living, work and entertainment in a way new to the city. It is a place that inspires and welcomes, promoting creative exchange and new ideas.

Atelierstraße 1,
81671 München,
☎ +49 89 41320


Werksviertel-Mitte, Munich