Cloudbeds launches 2024 State of Hostels Report

Mar 12, 2024

For over a decade, Cloudbeds has been a cornerstone of hostel operations. Initially perceived as outsiders – even donning bathrobes at WYSTC to make an impression – the company has since become integral to the hostel community, witnessing firsthand the evolving needs of hostelers. In 2024, Cloudbeds is welcoming in a shift in how hostel owners and operators do business, thanks to technology, as they chase demand and bidding farewell to outdated hospitality norms.

In its inaugural State of Hostels Report, Cloudbeds leverages extensive data and industry insights to navigate the complex landscape of travel trends for the year ahead. Despite recent challenges, including the pandemic fallout and inflationary pressures, optimism looms large with forecasts hinting at a resurgence in travel demand. As hostelers gear up to chase this demand, the report equips them with invaluable strategies to thrive amidst uncertainties, reshaping the hospitality playbook for the better.

With a focus on empowering hostel owners and operators, the report delves into critical metrics, from occupancy rates soaring to new heights to the intricate dance between average daily rates and inflationary forces. By dissecting booking behaviours and sources, it sheds light on the evolving role of online travel agencies and the imperative of a diversified distribution strategy. Furthermore, the comprehensive analysis extends to overlooked aspects like booking windows, length of stay, and check-in/check-out trends, offering a holistic perspective to guide strategic decision-making.

As Cloudbeds embarks on this journey alongside hostelers, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionise hostel management, ensuring that every hostel, big or small, can embrace the future of hospitality with confidence and success.

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Cloudbeds is the platform that powers hospitality, enabling tens of thousands of lodging businesses in more than 150 countries worldwide to grow and thrive. The award-winning Cloudbeds Platform brings together technology solutions to increase revenue, delight guests, and streamline operations into a single unified system, enhanced by a curated marketplace of third-party integrations. Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds was named No. 1 PMS, No. 1 Hotel Management System, and No. 1 Guest Messaging Software by Hotel Tech Report in 2023 and was recognised as a major player in the 2022 IDC Marketscape Report. For more information, visit Cloudbeds.

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