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Marco Zucchetti

Heather-Leisman | STAY WYSE 2024 Conference | EF Ultimate Break | staywyse.org

Senior Manager PR & Global ESG Communications, Flix

Consistently with his belief that communication can trigger revolutions, Marco is responsible for making the intricated realm of sustainability easily accessible to the wider public, thus committing to bringing a change about in habits, both inside and outside the Company.

Italian by birth and European at heart, and a keen traveler himself, he joined Flix in 2015 with the goal to advocate for a more sustainable approach to discovering the world, by encouraging the shift to collective mobility while pushing for a more conscious and immersive travel perspective.

With a background in Foreign Languages and Media Management, which he studied in Italy and Germany, and previous experience in consultancy to the travel industry, he is a passionate volunteer in the field of urban regeneration, supporting projects for social cohesion in North-West Milan suburbia, where he was born and raised.

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