WYSE Ask Us Anything podcast with Wombat’s City Hostels

Jan 12, 2024

Wendy Morrill talks to Raphaela and Sascha of Wombat’s City Hostels

“It’s a privilege if you have children that want to work with you.” 

WYSE Travel Confederation‘s Head of Research & Education Wendy Morrill spoke to father and daughter team Sascha Dimitriewicz and Raphaela Böck of Wombat’s City Hostels on the Ask Us Anything podcast.

Wombat’s is the result of Sascha’s own youth travel experience backpacking in Australia. Sascha and Raphaela discuss how the business has grown as a reliable, but unexpected brand in the international youth travel space since 1999 and how they are thinking about the future of youth travel and hostels. They also share thoughts on their unique relationship as father and daughter at work.

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About Wombat’s The City Hostel

Wombat’s built affordable accommodation that facilitates friendly gatherings between backpackers and locals. They have helped cultivate a travel community to come together and share stories of exploration rather than just sharing a living space for a few nights. More than 300,000 travellers pass through Wombat’s City Hostels in Budapest, London, Munich and Vienna every year.

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